Port Chalmers Yacht Club

Navigation Cautions

There have been no significant changes in our "patch", since last season.

There is therefore no chartlet in the Sailing Instructions booklet.

If your Otago Harbour chart (6612) is older than June 2000, you should buy a new one. A new edition has been published, using a different grid of latitude & longitude. The old chart was based on Geodetic datum 1949, the new one is to WGS 84. There are differences in both longitude & latitude, the most significant is approx 0.1 of a nautical mile (approx 185 m) latitude. If using GPS equipment, make sure it is set to the same datum as your chart.

Note that Port Otago Ltd's warehouses on the Back Beach reclamation are not shown on the harbour chart; but being on dry land will not get in the way of careful navigators - however they do alter the direction & strength of winds when sailing to & from the launching ramp.

The light on the South Cardinal at the south end of the reclamation has been changed, same type but longer period of 15 s.

Beacon 31 (the "black & white" for those with long memories) has been replaced with an East Cardinal - just off the southeast corner of the reclamation.

New leading marks for ships passing through the Islands outward bound have been erected on the sandbank. These are not channel markers and will not have navigable water around them at all tides.

The "front" lead (topmark is a triangle point-up) is roughly halfway between Beacon 32 and Pile A (also known as the "30-off"), and may be used for shore-based start & finish lines. At low tide larger boats may not be able to get right to the pile end.

The "rear" lead (topmark is a triangle point-down) is well onto the banks and may be dry at low tide.

The Approaches Light Beacon (referred to in PCYC Sailing Instructions as the "Landfall Tower") is now shown as the "Fairway Beacon"

Navigators should be aware that chart corrections can be obtained via the internet from Land Information NZ: http://www.linz.govt.nz