Port Chalmers Yacht Club

Notes to General Sailing Instructions - 2006 - 2007

The full  Sailing Instructions are posted at the clubhouse, and distributed to Members in booklet form. This year, as usual, there are some changes in the Sailing Instructions compared to the previous version. Significant changes, and other useful information, are noted here.

The most significant change for 2006 - 07 is the publication of a single joint set of Sailing Instructions which will be used by both Clubs for all club racing. This has resulted in some significant changes, including re-naming of Divisions, new Divisions for split- starts, new courses & revised courses numbering. Anyone operating on the old Instructions will be at a severe disadvantage, so make sure you read the new book thoroughly. There will be a briefing on these changes before racing on opening day.   

As usual, separate special Sailing Instructions will be issued for significant events.

Joint Racing

Once again PCYC & OTYS will be working together, with certain days designated as "joint racing". All competing boats will pay a single entry fee, and each Club will extract results for its own members. Results posted on the day will therefore be whole-fleet results, and will not be the same as the results used by either Club for calculating series points.

ODT Sports Draws

While every effort is made to provide good notice of changes, the ODT sports draws are sometimes subject to alterations beyond our control. If it looks wrong, it very well may be wrong - and it only takes a phone call to check.


The "skipper" is the "person in charge" as per Rule 46; and generally must be a member of a Club affilliated to Yachting NZ. Exceptions to this requirement apply to some invitation races, such as the Old Salts race and the Ladies race.

Entry Fees:

Entry fees for normal Club racing, payable on the day, are:

These entry fees apply to the day's racing, regardless of how many races are held.

Some days will have a special entry fee, in which case prior notice will be given.


Entries should be lodged at the Clubhouse before racing; but competitors may notify their entry directly to the Race Committee by hailing the Committee boat or calling on VHF.

Short-Course Racing:

When short-course racing is run, there will usually be a minimum of two races, run "back to back". When conditions suit, an additional race or races may be added in accordance with Sailing Instruction 10. Watch out for Flag "R" at the finish, indicating that another race is to be run.

All boats in Trailer Yacht A , Trailer Yacht B , Trailer Yacht C, Allcomers, and Gold Divisions shall sail the course designated for Gold Division.

Note that Course numbering has changed

Start & Finish lines (for short-course racing):

The course diagrams in Appendix 1 show the general shape of courses for short-course racing (Courses 1, 2, 3, & 4). Note that start & finish lines will be laid separate from the course marks, and may be above or below the bottom mark of the course.

Withdrawing from a race

For safety reasons, boats withdrawing from any race must notify the race committee. This should be done before leaving the racing area.

Points And Prizes

Some trophy rules require the skipper to be a financial member of a club, at the time of the race, to qualify for the trophy or receive points. For PCYC members, payment of subsciption by the end of October will ensure eligiblility requirements are met. For OTYS members, check with the Secretary.

VHF / Cellphone

Sometimes we will want to contact you during the racing, so we need to know whether your VHF is with you (and turned on!), and / or whether we can call you on a cellphone. (There is no expectation that centreboard yachts will carry such equipment).